Resultados WBHEC 2019 – 2020
2 mayo, 2020
Entrega de Premios y Exhibit Concurso WBHEC 2019 – 2020
15 julio, 2020

Results WBHEC 2019 – 2020

Press Release

2 May 2020

The WBHEC Contest for the Best Healthy Evoo in the World, wants to pay tribute to all those who died from the coronavirus pandemic in the World and our condolences to all their relatives.

On May 2, 2020, the winners of the fourth international edition of the WBHEC 2019/2020 contest for the best healthy Evoo in the world have been announced.

The jury chaired by Dr. Juan Antonio Tello chose the winners among the Fifty-three Aoves that were presented from the following Countries: Greece, Portugal, the United States, Chile and Spain. The winner for the second consecutive time was Agrícola Pobeña (Alonso Evoo Cosecha 2019 Coratina) from Chile, in second place ex aequo Aceituno (Aceituno Evoo Premium) and Isanatur Spain (Ecoprolive Evoo Organic Coupage Lote 04060105/19) both from Spain, and in third place G-Team (Evoo Hypereleón) from Greece.

Fourth, Isanatur Spain (Ecoprolive Evoo Cornicabra Organic sin filtrar Lote 02/20) from Spain. In fifth position ex aequo Monva S.L (Evoo Dominus Reserva familiar (depósito 24) and Oli Oli Biodinámico S.L (1 Olivo por la Paz Evoo Cornicabra Ecológico) from Spain, sixth, Aceites Rafael Salgado (Evoo Pago de Visarejos) from Spain. The seventh ex aequo, La Almazara Tradicional S.L (Evoo Manzanilla Cacereña Lote 06191) and Almazara el Picón (Evoo Depósito 4.07/10/2019) de España. In eighth position, also ex aequo, Aceites Gil Luna (Evoo Ecológico Gil Luna), Coop. Virgen de la Estrella de los Santos de Maimona (Evoo True Organic Maimona) and San Francisco de Asís SCA (Evoo Montevilla Chorreao) from Spain. In ninth position ex aequo, Almazara la Alquería S.L (Evoo La Alquería Alfafarenca Ecológico Lote AE/15), Cortijo Suerte Alta S.L (Evoo Coupage Natural Ecológico. Marqués de Prado) and Vallés Operé S.L (Evoo Eco Vallés lote D20019) from Spain, and in tenth position also ex aequo, Oleogourmet (Evoo Doce + Uno Arbequina), Aceites Mirasol S.L (Conde de Mirasol Evoo Hojiblanca Lote 01-CM-20) and Isanatur Spain (Ecoprolive Evoo Edición Limitada Lote 0107/20) from Spain.

The following Evoos have also been winners: The Top Ten in Fat (saturated and unsaturated), The Top Ten in Phenolic Content and the Top Ten in Oleocanthal Content. The award ceremony will be held on July 3, 2020 in a ceremony at the Hacienda Nadales in Málaga (Camino de Casabermeja, 128, 29014 Málaga) Likewise, the winning Evoos may send 4 bottles of 500ml to the exhibit that will take place the same day and before the awards ceremony. Congratulations to all the winners.


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